Bournemouth History


Lewis Tregonwell knew the area from the late 18th century, and is recognised to have 'founded' the town after returning in 1810 during a holiday at Mudeford to show the area to his wife Henrietta. In 1837 Sir George Tapps-Gervis decided to create a seaside resort at Bournemouth, then in the late 1800's it became popular amongst the upper and middle classes to visit the seaside.

By 1890, Bournemouth was recognised by Queen Victoria, who granted it the status of a Borough, complete with its own Mayor and the pavilion was built in 1929.

 By the middle of the 20th century it was one of the major towns of England and in 1974 it moved counties from Hampshire to Dorset, however it quickly became a unitary authority in 1997. Bournemouth expanded at an astonishing rate and now has a population of 164,00.

Robert Louis Stevenson lived in Bournemouth whilst writing Treasure Island. Sir Anthony Blunt was born here, as well as the actors Charles Gray and Amanda Holden. The author J.R.R. Tolkien spent his last years in Bournemouth.